Realme Watch Production, Managing Director Madhav Sheth Confirms

Whe W When it comes to smartwatches, it is only recently that Android watches have begun to catch up with the top Apple Mind. But now, in addition to conventional smartwatch brands such as Samsung, Fossil and Motorola, brands like Xiaomi and OPPO are also actively seeking to deliver their own watches. In an interview […]

The 13 Best Travel Mugs

If you are a greedy russet drinker and are embracing the thought of ​​a zero waste (or lower waste) lifestyle, your first step should be to bring your own greenhouse or mug to your local java spot. Marketing your daily glass paper for a more eco-conscious reusable mug is not just about sustainability. Experts such […]

From â € QuA Quiet Place IIâ € to â € enetTenetâ €, 40 Movies We're Excited to Watch This 2020

2020 …. It has some weight when you say it loud, aptly? We are already two months into this promising new year and it is starting to gain a lot of influence, both in excellent and terrible ways, especially with the latter. But don't worry, if the outside world is laughing at your worst fears […]

The Canadian authorities are launching an investigation into the Clearview App

Several Canadian data safeguard authorities have announced that they are investigating the use of the Clearview application, as reported by Reuters. The agencies, counting the Canadian Privacy Commissioners and the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, are meeting in a joint effort to investigate whether the application violates Canada's privacy laws. The Clearview app […]

Twitter suspends 70 pro-Michael Bloomberg accounts for "platform manipulation"

Twitter announced Friday that it will suspend 70 accounts that posted content in support of Michael Bloomberg's election campaign, first reported by the Los Angeles Times. "We have full enforcement action against a group of accounts in violation of our rules against manipulation and spam platforms," ​​a Twitter spokesman told The Verge. Dozens of account […]

Need a Galaxy S20 Case? Here Is 25% Off The Defense Shield

Hunting under a sturdy Galaxy S20 case that won't break the bank? You're in luck – Digital Trends has partnered with Defense Brand to treat our readers at an special 25% off on Apache Shield cartridges for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra from February 21 to February 27. code DTDEFENSE25 […]

AirPods Vs. Galaxy Buds +: Which Earbuds will be Best in 2020?

Apple and Samsung. It's hard to reckon of two major rivals in the mobile world, and that includes the ever expanding real wireless headset. In 2019, this battle was between Apple's second-generation AirPods and Samsung's Galaxy Buds, which, while less well loved, were clearly our favorites for the aging Apple Pods (not to be confused […]