California court: Apple Store employees have to be paid while waiting for searches

The California Supreme Court says state law requires Apple to pay retailers for the time they spend waiting for baggage searches at the end of a shift, the Los Angeles Times reports.
"We conclude that the time spent by the plaintiffs on Apple sites that were waiting and compulsory to seek exit from bags, post, or personal Apple devices, such as iPhones that voluntarily brought in for personal convenience," "Her boss Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye wrote in the court ruling.
Apple's plot requires retailers to make inquiries about their personal bags after settlement, but before leaving the store. The plot requires the search official to "question the employee to remove any kind of object that Apple can sell" and to verify the serial numbers of an employee's personal technology. Employees said that on busy days, 45 summary to make a manager or security officer available to carry out the search, according to company rule. Apple has 52 retail stores in California.
Apple has argued that warehouse workers could choose not to carry bags or personal Apple devices – which he describes as "discretionary" – to work and dodge searches. The company claimed that the plot benefited the employees sought, which the court said was "excessive".
"The irony and inconsistency of Apple's line of reasoning must be noted. The designation of the iPhone as redundant for its own employees is in direct contrast to the description of the iPhone as a 'complete and complete' part of everyone else's life." the court.
A group of workers filed a lawsuit against the company, and the US Court of Appeals questioned the state Supreme Court to determine whether California state law required employees to be compensated for this waiting time.
The ruling by the California Supreme Court is retrospective and the case is now returning to the ninth circuit for judges to apply the interpretation, the LA Times clarifies. Apple did not answer to an email from The Verge seeking comment.

Updated: February 14, 2020 — 4:32 pm

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