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Why Zoom Became So Popular

Everyone seems to know Zoom now: parents, colleagues, friends, grandparents and neighbors. The teleconferencing software company that went public last year has a moment all through the pandemic. People have flocked to the service to keep up with friends, build digital clubs, and even host weddings. But, in this time of enormous growth, researchers and […]

This smart weight trainer designed by Yves Behar is the love child of Mirror and Tonal

As more and more people look for solutions to work from home all through the comprehensive measures for self-understanding and social distance, another together fitness equipment enters an increasingly well loved category. Forme, a smart mirror with a built-in weight training system, combines the look of a reflective Mirror with Tonal pulleys, with a few […]

Deep deep water hoses get help from methane-consuming bacteria

Scientists exploring deep-water fountains, where methanol explodes from seawater, have made a discovery that changes our understanding of these mysterious ecosystems. They found that two types of tubular worms trapped methane, a commanding greenhouse gas, through a symbiotic relationship that has never been seen between worms and bacteria that eat methanol. By mapping seawater near […]

"Zombfbing" is a federal offense that can lead to imprisonment, prosecutors warn

Federal prosecutors are now warning pranksters and hackers about the possible legal implications of "Zoombombing", where a name successfully invades a public or sometimes private meeting via a video conference platform to broadcast video shocks, pornography or other disturbed content. The warning was published as a publication on the Justice Department's website in the U.S. […]