Category: Climate & Environment

Why the heated oceans will become stronger

Every 10 summary, the endless heated oceans absorb 50 megatons of energy, the amount of energy released when the largest atomic bomb explodes. These heating seas – which absorb more than 90 percent of humanity's heat traps on Earth – host a particularly commanding creature found around the world: shrimp. Shrimp make ubiquitous background noise […]

Jeff Bezos Commits $ 10 Billion to Fight Climate Change

Jeff Bezos grants $ 10 billion to fight climate change. Amazon's CEO made the publication in an Instagram post Monday afternoon, saying they are all part of the new Bezos Insurance Fund. Not surprisingly, it does not share many details about Bezos Insurance Earth. Instagram's post says it will "fund scientists, activists, NGOs – any […]

The Northern Light Cam has just been shot and is the perfect time for ghost skies

The very same live webcam site that brings you the gleaming delicacies of Alaska, just returned to its webcam in the north of Churchill, Canada. This town, known for its polar bears that regularly tidy its streets, is ideally placed to mind the gleaming, emerald northern lights, also known as Aurora borealis. The stream can […]