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Facebook Tests â € ~ News Feedâ € Has Been Registered to Provide Easy Access to â € ύ Very Recentâ € ™ and Has Already Seen

Facebook is constantly introducing new changes to its news feed. And now the tech giant has come out with yet another change for the news feed – a mobile "feed". It would allow users to add tabs to their news feed, helping them better organize their content. SEE ALSO: EU Blocks Launch Facebook Dating on […]

Twitter Shopping Stories Maker Chroma Labs Template

Twitter recently announced that it has bought Chroma Lab, a company that made a photo and video editor for Facebook and Instagram. Kayvon Beykpour, a Twitter product and co-founder of Periscope, took to Twitter to welcome the Chroma Labs team to the company. Excited to welcome the incredible @Chroma_Labs team, counting @picturejohn, @alexli, @joshuacharris to […]

Motorola Razr monitor reported to have peeling problem in collapsible

Foldable phones may not be the best when it comes to durability. And since the Motorola Razr has hit the market, some critics are already starting to encounter problems with the phone. Raymond Wong of Input recently published a scaling theme on the $ 1500 device. SEE ALSO: Motorola Razr first impression: About the aspect […]

Apple's Q2 earnings forecast to take a hit amid China's coronation epidemic

IDC recently published a report showing that Apple dominated the Indian smartphone market in the fourth split up of 2019. The report showed that Apple gained a 75.6% market share in the third split up of 2019 in the premium segment ( US $ 500 +). Apple has now warned it will fall small of […]

How SaaS companies are using AI to strengthen the tourism and hospitality industry

AI is ubiquitous and its well ahead capabilities have managed to transform a crowd of industries. Tourism and Hospitality is one of the many disciplines heavily dependent on Machine Learning and AI. As with most industries, the Tourism Industry deals with data heaps, and AI allows it to know all data by revealing patterns that […]

Google Removed More Than 500 Chrome Extensions Spread From the Web Store

Ad hoc security researcher Jamila Kaya and Cisco's Duo Security team conducted a lengthy investigation that exposed a diversity of Chrome extensions that infect user browsers and remove data. Google has now removed more than 500 of these malicious extensions from the official web store and disabled user browsers. SEE ALSO: Google Chrome will exclude […]