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Tesla's Teardown Model 3 reveals how advanced its technology is over other car manufacturers

As an automobile manufacturer exclusively of electric vehicles, Tesla is one of the world leaders in engine and EV technology. The company is also ahead of the game when it comes to self-driving technology. But how far is Elon Musk's Tesla ahead of other automakers? Well, about six years. A teardown of the Tesla Model […]

Elon Musk says Tesla's solar roof will become global later this year

Tesla's solar roof had a hard beginning. Originally launched in October 2016, the solar roof has been reprocessed several times and only reached a wider distribution this year, in part due to Tesla's well-well-known racing to produce the Model 3 in volume. But now it seems that Tesla is serious about making the Solar Roof […]

Tesla's "Handbook Against The Handbook" for new employees who are leaking and Elon Mill wants to sound cool for this

A supposed copy of Tesla's self-contained "Tutorial Anti-Manual" for new employees is leaking and, like Elon Musk himself, is completely desperate to signal cooler than it really is. Reading like the worst – or better? – from Musk's Twitter feed, the four-page document (published by Business Insider on Thursday) is apparently formal policies on workplace […]

Tesla Recalls 15,000 Model Xs To Fix Power Driving Problem

Tesla's innovative over-the-air software update system enables wireless upgrading (and sometimes repair) of cars, but some problems permanently require tools and a trained engineer. He recently met, so he voluntarily recalled 15,000 early models of the X model to fix a problem with the power steering system. Documents published by the National Highway Transfer Safety […]