How Does Two-Wheeler Insurance Provide During Bike Theft?

The buy of a new bicycle is an vital milestone in everyone's life, bringing with it a freshness of joy, pride and excitement. All bike lovers would choose that bicycles are like a perfect companion to take us through all the rocky roads of life (literally!). But, at this time, it is very common for people to lose their bicycles, since 'bike theft' has become a major issue in India and affects everyone.

In fact, vehicle theft has become so common that it is now one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. According to the Delhi Police * data, 44,158 car theft cases were reported in 2018 and only 19.6% of these cases were resolved. Of the 44,158 stolen vehicles, 32,984 were two-wheeled. This dramatic increase in vehicle theft can be attributed to the fact that many cities do not have sufficient parking spaces and people are forced to park their bicycles on the road, thus making them an simple victim of bicycle theft.

Security systems implemented in different residential areas are not as well ahead and at the same time to control the occurrence of bicycle thefts. Since bicycle thefts are a real interest in both urban and rural areas, it is extremely vital to ensure that your dirt bike is protected at all times. This is the case where the safety of two wheels plays an vital role and protects you all through unforeseen periods such as bike theft. It offers a number of repayment to make sure you're permanently ready to face any challenges.

So make sure that the insurance coverage you buy meets your wants.

Which insurance plot to choose?
For the ancients, there are two different types of two-caravan insurance plans to choose from – third party and full insurance. Now, while many people usually prefer to opt for third party insurance because they are cheaper than comprehensive insurance, they do not protect you or your bike in the event of bike theft. Instead, it covers the hurt your vehicle causes to a third party. These hurts include unpremeditated injury or death to a third party and hurt to that person's vehicle. But, as bike thefts have become so widespread in India, it is wiser to opt for a comprehensive insurance plot that covers all and protects you and your bike in the event of a theft-correlated quandary. After all, there are only a few things as frustrating as losing your dream bike and you also have to pay for one more at a time!

Really for choice? Look at the deciding factors
Now, there are many insurance companies out there that offer comprehensive two-car insurance plans, but you should go for one that gives you the most repayment, the best price and the best service options. Since third-party insurance plans do not take in bicycle thefts, there is a 'complete package' plot by Bajaj Allianz, which is a combination of 'third party liability' and 'injury coverage'. Bajaj Allianz is one of the largest and largest all-purpose insurance companies in India, whose comprehensive package plot covers your dirt bike from natural disasters (floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning), accidents, bike thefts and third party hurt.

In small, you will be insured not only for the hurt caused by your vehicle to a third party but also for the hurt caused to you or your vehicle. Bike theft is also part of this plot, so you can better help all through such situations with Bajaj Allianz's overall plot of engagement. With Bajaj Allianz, you can get two types of integrated two-wheeler insurance – a three-year long-term package plot and a one-year package plot.

In addition to providing support all through bike theft, two-vehicle insurance also comes with a number of other repayment. First, it's simpler than ever to buy a two-wheeler insurance plot today and protect your bike from future threats. In the case of Bajaj Allianz, you can buy two-stroke car insurance online by registering on their website, filling in the required information and paying the premium amount. Similarly, if your dirt bike is stolen, you do not have to worry about raising funds to buy another bike, as your insurer will give you an amount equal to the monetary value of your stolen bike. This can be done by settling against the theft of your bike. You should follow a procedure for settling theft claims as directed by your insurance company.

With Bajaj Allianz, you can also receive support 24/7, providing immediate support anywhere and anytime with 24/7 phone support. You can also quickly receive SMS updates about your office status. Another thing that is splendid about both vehicle insurance policies is that you get 'Bonus Transfer Without a Aptly'. You are eligible for this benefit if you have not filed any bicycle theft claim or correlated to the previous plot year. This works in such a way that if an insured person decides to bear the costs of repairing the dirt bike on his own and does not apply to the insurance company, he can benefit from the NCB.

The insurance company then pays a percentage discount on the premium paid by the policyholder when renewing the two-car insurance.

To summarize, the rate of bike theft is quite high in India, but you do not need to worry about stealing your dirt bike if you have invested in a two car insurance that covers bike theft. In fact, a secure two wheel insurance plot can take you through all the unforeseen situations, counting bike theft and other unpremeditated hurt caused. All in all, it helps you breathe simple and delight in your driving encounter more! A plot like the Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler plot is a excellent choice as it offers complete safeguard to your dream bike!


Updated: March 27, 2020 — 7:40 am

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