How to order food safely

With rising diseases, restaurants around the world had no choice but to temporarily prevent guests from having dinner. Fortunately, mobile ordering has made it simple for those of us at home to easily takeout using well loved GrubHub and DoorDash delivery apps. Now many restaurants even offer home delivery options.
While it is splendid to support local businesses and drivers, it is still vital to consider some of the health risks associated with ordering a mobile phone. Below, we look at the precautions full by restaurants and delivery services to keep employees and customers safe, as well as the measures you can take to stay protected when ordering.
Who should deliver?
When choosing where to order, we recommend choosing restaurants to offer at home. It removes a potentially contagious party from the assembly chain that brings you food. Simply place, the less people touch your food, the better.
Milorad Kravic / Getty ImagesIf your restaurant does not offer a home service, companies like Grubhub, DoorDash and Uber Eats are permanently brilliant courier services that safely receive your food from a restaurant in your home. What's even better about ordering mobile phones are all the specific delivery options you can make within courier applications.
Posting Options
We arrived through the applications of some of the most well loved mobile ordering companies. From the following snapshots, it is clear that courier services are gender-attentive. The following snapshots are from the DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats pages.

Before we can order, a disclaimer on the DoorDash homepage assures that DoorDash and our local restaurants work together to provide instant rejection opportunities. The second persona is the DoorDash control screen, where you can make specific delivery options and let Dasher get your run. Grubhub and Uber Eats are on the same page.

Above left is the address page for Grubhub, where you can add specific delivery instructions stored in your profile. The persona on the aptly is part of the Uber Eats fund where you can choose to leave your food at the front door – no human interaction required. Uber also waives all shipping charges.
When inviting restaurant receipts online, use this phone to inform the host where you would like your driver to leave your food, be it surroundings, front door or other designated location.
From the kitchen to the car
Chances are that many of your dining room roofs follow the CDC guidelines carefully to keep your kitchens and food free of plants – but how safe is food when it comes to the Dasher hatchback? The answer is quite promising.
movable ordering companies go above and beyond to keep their drivers and customers safe, healthy and up to date. The countrymen became heavy with an informal tradition earlier this month, weeks before other attendants arrived. In addition, an entire section of their site's support page is dedicated to raising awareness about genetic material and safety information for carriers and customers. Grubhub also shared CDC instructions with all its drivers and provides financial support to licensed workers.

On your driver's real car: Earlier this month, Uber Eats announced that it was supplying most of its fleet of hygiene products to clean thoroughly their vehicles. DoorDash also shared the news that they send hand sanitizers and gloves to all their drivers. It's clear that most restaurants and courier services do what they can to keep everyone safe and sow-free – so what can we do in the end?
Excellent advice and excellent criticism
Delivery guides and restaurants are at the forefront, providing the necessary goods and services at a crucial time. When it comes time to consult your driver, be generous. Try to consult at least 20%. If you are using a delivery application, consult the application itself. Cash money is a well-known playground for all kinds of germs. Then take a moment to leave a instant review for your guide.
Maskot / Getty ImagesYou can do this in the DoorDash application by tapping on Deliveries, selecting the order for which you want to leave an overview and tapping on the price. You can also leave feedback by going to the support pages of most apps and websites.
Toa Heftiba / UnsplashBecause the sauce in these bags may not be contagious, the same cannot be said for the food containers themselves. Many germs can stay on surfaces such as plastic and cardboard for a week, so the safest bet is to place these containers directly in your recycle bin. Store the rest in a Tupperware or plastic wrapper.
Once your courier is out of sight, it is wise to quickly clean thoroughly the areas of your home that come in contact with food packaging. Make sure you wash with soap and water first, followed by disinfection with a suitable bleach and do not forget to wash your hands with warm soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Dinner time
This is a time of adjustment in which restaurants and their customers continue to get used to. Like all things correlated to health and wellness, it is permanently worth keeping up to date on the latest food service rules and restrictions. We will continue to do our part to keep you up-to-date on the virus and its impact on all technological issues.

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Updated: March 25, 2020 — 10:33 pm

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