Lenovo just cut an upcoming gaming phone that exceeds 600,000 results on AnTuTu

Lenovo owns Motorola, but the company didn't really stop at its original name. This says that the Lenovo Legion brand known for making a bet laptops can make the jump to a making a bet phone, which is apparently not too far from launch. In a teaser released on Weibo, Lenovo confirmed in a teaser that the company will soon debut a making a bet smartphone with the "Legion" brand. In the world of personal computers, the Legion brand is the focus of Lenovo's making a bet efforts. The company has debuted desktops and laptops that offer a ton of power to gamers, often for quite affordable prices.

As for what the Lenovo Legion making a bet phone can offer, we don't know much. The only thing that confirms this teaser is that this device will use the Snapdragon 865. This is expected by most flagship 2020s, but it makes sense especially for a device marketed to gamers.

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In a series of publications for Weibo, Lenovo also revealed that the new phone will reach over 600,000 AnTuTu, which will be a new record. This piece of information further suggests that a Snapdragon 865 chip could power the phone.

Chipset aside, Lenovo has also confirmed that this imminent Legion phone will be ready for 5G. This bit of information is fascinating that we have seen many companies offer fancy making a bet phones that call up to clock hours or spectacle 120Hz refresh rates, but have not yet seen one that can connect to next-generation 5G networks.

Language of high refresh rates, you could guess the Lenovo Legion game phone to have a handful of other gamer-oriented additions. Lenovo may add some special cooling to offer high clock speeds on the Snapdragon 865 – similar to the way Asus got it for the ROG 2 phone), and will probably match 5G connectivity as a way to stream more games.

Since even the Samsung Galaxy S20 screen is going to offer a 120Hz refresh, it would make sense for a Legion-oriented making a bet phone to offer similar, if not identical, hardware.

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Updated: February 14, 2020 — 2:34 pm

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