The 10 Best Thriller Movies Now Streaming on Netflix

Looking for some stress to deal with your stress?

With people everywhere long-lasting to be socially alienated, there is no better time to try the limits of entertainment consumption. For the adventurous among us, that means pushing the volume to its best with the best of the best in heart-throbing thrillers. (No, not horror movies – this is a different list.)

Ranked from least to most intense, here are the 10 best thrillers now available on Netflix.

Starring Tom Hardy and only Tom Hardy, Locke takes place solely in the car of protagonist Ivan. Receiving phone calls from his wife, children, colleagues and the mother of his unborn child from a one-night stand, Ivan walks down the street and manages emotional wreckage from every corner of his rapidly deteriorating world. Many thrillers (counting those on this list) had higher attendances, but few are as enthusiastic.

How To Mind: Locke is streaming on Netflix.

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith, the talented Mr. Ripley follows a young forger and a witness (Matt Damon) who intends to go quietly the life of a wealthy heiress (Jude Law.) A twisted mesh of lies, despair, movie that will make you nervous about stress. Reckon Catch Me If You Can, but more personal and without the fun attire changes. Performances by Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

How To Mind: Talented Mr. Ripley is now on Netflix.

In this key piece of Ryan Gosling, a driver obsessed by a stuntman enters a criminal plot that endangers his beloved wife (Carey Mulligan) and her husband (Oscar Isaac). Supporting the looks of Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks and Albert Brooks make it an brilliant mind for lovers of excellent action, splendid driving and splendid silk jackets.

How To Mind: The Disc is streaming on Netflix.

Alex Garland's directorial debut in Annihilation's Ex Machina is a science-fiction mystery that threatens the viewer's expectations with remarkable abilities. Domhnall Gleeson plays a computer programmer hired by a well-known CEO (Oscar Isaac) to evaluate his latest creation: an artificial intelligent robot with impressive human characteristics (Alicia Vikander).

How To Mind: Ex Machina is now streaming on Netflix.

The directors of Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, Laurence Fishburn, Marcia Gay Harden and Emmy Rossum – Mystic River, bring together the tragic narrative development with the painful mystery of the Boston murder. Boss Clint Eastwood delivers a uniquely dark film that draws you to the soul of its kaput characters with every frame.

How To Mind: Mystic River is now streaming on Netflix.

When members of a tour played by Anton Yeltsin, Alia Soukat, Claire Turner and Joe Cole become unpremeditated witnesses to the murder of a young woman, they are held captive by the neo-Nazis. A tense survival tale, full of barbaric chorus and action, the Green Room offers an extremely stressful persona of being in the incorrect place at the incorrect time. Imogen Poots plays the friend of the murdered woman and Patrick Stewart plays the main opponent.

How to Mind: The Green Room is constantly streaming on Netflix.

In this groundbreaking Netflix prototype, Madeline Brewer describes Alice, an ambitious webcam model working hard to cultivate her thriving career. But when a mysterious doppelgänger takes her place online and starts broadcasting without her, Alice starts to dread for her safety. Extremely intense and amazingly feminist, Cam is the perfect mind when you want something closer to horror.

How to mind: The camera is constantly streaming on Netflix.

For Green Room fans, check out Jeremy Saulnier's even better Blue Ruin. This meditation on revenge and grief follows a young man (Macon Blair), kaput by the deaths of his parents and a burning desire to avenge them. Refreshingly unexpected, but strikingly simple, this slowly escalates terrorism.

How to Mind: Blue Ruin is now available on Netflix.

From the geniuses behind the Uncut Gems, Excellent Time is a panic-inducing nightmare and refuses to let go for every moment of the 101-minute run. Robert Pattinson stars as Connie, a criminal willing to do anything to get his vulnerable brother (co-boss Benny Safdie) removed from New York prison. Heart-breaking and jaw-dropping, this character study will ruin you.

How To Mind: Excellent Time is now streaming on Netflix.

How can you tell when being overly friendly becomes dangerously friendly? In the gift, Jason Bateman depicts Simon, a new homeowner living with a former acquaintance (Joel Edgerton) while shopping with his wife (Rebecca Hall). Soon, a warm welcome turns into unexpected visits, secret messages and a series of escalating threats. Filled with shocking reversals, the gift is a gift.

How To Mind: The gift is now streaming on Netflix.

Updated: March 27, 2020 — 7:58 am

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