The Android 11 developer preview page is soon going live. Get started right away?

As Google changed its naming system last year, the next iteration of Android will be known as Android 11 and not Android R. Although we're still a long way from the actual launch of Android 11, based on what we've seen in In the past, Developer Preview for Android 11 should be released live in or around Development. But, it looks like we could see Developer Previews earlier this time. Yes! In fact, Google even gave us a instant look at an Android preview page dedicated to Android 11.

But given how early it is, the site page that went live for a small time was probably incorrect. An error that Google has already modified. Jump to the link now redirects the page to the developer page for Android 10.

But before it was captured, the folks at Android Police managed to get a screenshot of the page. While the page mentioned Android 11, all the rest of the text on the page was only hands on the Android 10 page.

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Not all links on the page were updated. The link that leads to the preview signup page is also mentioned for the Android Q Beta program.

The live page indicates that the launch of Developer Preview for Android 11 may be near. But if it's around the corner, Google would be ahead of last year's schedule. Last year, the developer preview for Android 10 started in early Development.

Either way, it looks like Google is seeking release. At this time, we don't know what the next iteration of Android 11 will be on the table. But guess to focus further on supporting form factors. Another feature we know is that Android will not disconnect an active Bluetooth tie when activating Airplane Mode.

Given how accurate we are to the potential launch of Developer Preview for Android 11, it won't be long before we learn more.

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Updated: February 14, 2020 — 1:12 pm

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