The best Mac mice for 2020

There are bounty of splendid Mac mice out there, but choosing the best one for you is not permanently simple. It depends a lot on what you want to do with it. Some are brilliant with macOS gestures, while others are sensitive or ergonomic. Maybe you need a mouse that fits a specific budget? No matter what your wants, you will find a mouse that suits you.
These are the best Mac mice you can buy.
Best mouse at a glance
Best mouse overall: Logitech MX Master
Why You Should Buy This: Superior ergonomics meet precision and features at a splendid price

Who's For: Anyone looking for a premium mouse for Mac, except for left-handed users
Why we chose Logitech MX Master:
Logitech's MX Master mouse is one that wants a small introduction, but we're here to provide it anyway. Although not the latest addition to the company's MX Premium product line, the original Logitech MX Master continues to deliver outstanding performance and convenience at a price that is now nearly half the original MSRP. The MX Master can be used on both Mac and Windows PCs, offering many features beyond the comfort that users can delight in, counting a custom scroll wheel that can jump either extremely quick or with precision scrolling. just clicks. The mouse also includes Logitech's Darkfield Tracking technology, which allows the device to operate on most surfaces, counting glass.
One of our favorite features of the Logitech MX Master is its adaptability when using the MacOS device. Using the free Logitech & # 39; Logi Options & # 39; application, users can customize programmable buttons and mouse wheels to activate specific actions. For an operating system heavily dependent on gestures, the Logitech MX Master allows anyway to easily open the Launchpad or invoke the send mandate with the smack or click of a finger. One disadvantage we found with the Logitech MX Master is that it is designed exclusively for aptly-handed mouse users.
The best mobile mouse: Logitech MX Anywhere 2S
Why you should buy it: Logitech's MX Master Mouse in a smaller, more mobile package.

Who's For: Anyone who wants a premium mouse for Mac to toss in their on-the-go bag.
Why we chose Logitech MX Anywhere 2S:
Logitech's MX Anywhere 2S is what we like about the company's largest Logitech MX Master mouse, but in a smaller package. As part of Logitech's premium range, the MX Anywhere 2S shares the features of its older brother, the Master MX. Users gain access to the company's Darkfield Tracking technology, allowing mouse tracking on virtually any surface – a welcome feature for a mouse that could be used anywhere. The MX Anywhere 2S also features a diversity of customizable buttons that allow users to customize gestures and other actions through the Logitech & # 39; Logi Options & # 39; application.
movable travelers aren't the only ones who want to look to the MX Anywhere 2S, as those looking for the power of Logitech's MX Master mouse in a smaller package could find it comfortably. In addition, the MX Anywhere 2S features a symmetrical point, allowing it to be used easily by both aptly and left-handed users. Finally, the MX Anywhere 2S can be used on two different PCs seamlessly without switching, even on Mac and PC, thanks to Logitech's new Flow technology.
The best mouse on a budget: Logitech M510
Why you should buy this: Logitech offers comfort and quality at a budget price.

Who's For: Those who are looking for a simple cordless mouse for Mac on a tight budget.
Why we chose the Logitech M510:
For Mac users or even PC users, looking for the aptly mouse on a budget, the Logitech M510 is our choice. Featuring a comfortable chiseled application with soft rubber grips, this mouse is enjoyable throughout the job. Users will leave behind some of Logitech's most well ahead features, such as more sophisticated tracking technology for use on any surface and the company's Hyperfast Scrolling signature. in return, one can get a splendid bargain with splendid value. We want to note that the Logitech M510 runs via a USB-A dongle and does not support Bluetooth, so if the goal is to keep the USB-A ports free or if one machine only has USB-C ports, looking somewhere else may be ideal.
The Logitech M510 has a few programmable buttons, but few beyond what can be used as simple front and back buttons in a web browser. Those who want to spice up their lives with a bit of color can fall in like with the M510, as they are not only available in black, but blue and red configurations. Unlike most modern mice, the Logitech M510 continues to use AA batteries on a rechargeable lithium battery. But, you will not need to have too many spare batteries, as the estimated battery life is impressive 24 months.
The best moving mouse: the Apple Magic 2 mouse
Why you should buy this: Apple's Magic Mouse 2 offers MacOS gesture control, unlike any other mouse on the market.

Who's for: Those seeking the most authentic Mac encounter, a power-user gesture.
Why we chose Apple Magic Mouse 2:
Apple's Magic Mouse has a number of dubious point options, counting deciding to place the charging port at the bottom of the unit – meaning you can't use the mouse while charging. But, even with some users' negative complaints about Apple's Magic Mouse 2, mainly the point that seems to favor aesthetics and ergonomics, the product packs a lot of features worth noting. For those who like navigating around their Mac with ease, Magic Mouse 2 can handle all of the gesture controls included with macOS. With the finger smack or smack, users can scroll, zoom, and rotate, in addition to swiping between webpages, switching to full-screen applications, notch alerts, accessing Launchpad, and more but.
As usual, we are impressed with Apple's exceptional build quality, with the Magic Mouse 2 featuring materials such as aluminum for the bottom shell and glass for the top surface. We know that his point is likely to appeal to those looking for Magic Mouse 2, and we can assure you that the mouse comes in classic silver and gray – but, you'll pay a premium margin for the latter. Lastly, as with most Apple products, users will make enough money for the price of owning a Magic Mouse 2, but for some, the privilege is worth it.
Best TrackPad: Apple Magic Trackpad 2
Why you should buy this: Delight in the trackpad on your Macbook and want it on your desktop.

Who's For: Those Who Want The Best Trackpad For Mac.
Why we chose Apple Magic Trackpad 2:
It's not technically a strictly defined mouse, but we feel hard prose an article about the best input devices for Mac while leaving the Apple Magic Trackpad 2. With Apple offering one of the best trackpads in the industry on laptops , we're not surprised that some users will choose to bring this encounter to their Macs. As with the Trackpad found on Mac laptops, users can easily swivel and smack to make some gestures with ease. For those who don't find Magic Mouse 2 very comfortable, the Magic Trackpad 2 may also offer a better option.
We like using the Trackpad's power sensors, which allow you to click anywhere on the surface of the unit and feel a uniform click. In addition, the Trackpad features Apple's Force Click technology, allowing you to play extra data in applications such as Safari with a hard drive. The Trackpad also comes with a list of Apple's top products with aluminum casing and end-to-end glass. As with other Apple products, the Magic Trackpad 2 comes in classic silver or gray to match the Mac. Just don't be shocked at the price – the best Trackpad for Mac doesn't come cheap.

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