The first HBO Max ad wants to remind you how much it holds

Whether your favorite show is Friends, you're in like with Wonder Woman, or just want to delight in South Park for a few weeks, the first commercial for HBO Max is a reminder that you can do it in just one spot.
It's not a subtle reminder that AT&T's WarnerMedia has spent the last 18 months spending billions of dollars on some of the most well loved IPs in entertainment to pull subscribers away from Netflix and Hulu and beyond HBO Max. The mall opens with friends, then Huge Bang Theory (shows the rights that AT&T spent hundreds of millions of dollars), then Wonder Woman and the movie Lego. There's a point to The Matrix and South Park – not to bring up the highlights from HBO's well loved shows, the most commanding HBO Max network is based on building its own content library. Notice that Harry Potter, easily one of WarnerMedia's largest franchises, is not in the cut. This is due to the fact that Harry Potter is licensed to NBCUniversal by 2025.
The new HBO Max slogan seems to be "where HBO meets a lot more." What's more, in this case, are classic films from the Warner Bros. library, such as Wizard of Oz. The point of the commercial is to remind people that HBO Max will be the first time all of these shows (counting the HBO library) are on the same streaming service. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told investors at a 2019 event that part of the marketing plot is to present how different HBO Max is from its competitors, saying: "This is not Netflix. This is not Disney. This is Disney. HBO Max. "
The new HBO Max slogan seems to be "where HBO meets a lot more"
Ex. HBO Max is different, in that it has special titles that won't appear somewhere else, but Disney +, Netflix, and Hulu have that too. The point highlights how much IP it has – as Disney did with Disney + marketing – but omits the classic titles. Warner Bros., like Disney, has a rich list of movies that span decades. This is something that Netflix and Hulu cannot offer solely because their studios are relatively new. While there are clues to the classics (Casablanca's appearance), most of the focus is on the huge IP franchises it owns – and WarnerMedia titles spent a ton of money to get back.
Well, that makes sense. AT&T reported last month that WarnerMedia's segment lost more than $ 1 billion in revenue due to the investment in HBO Max. These losses were specifically due to "HBO Max investments in the form of lost revenue from WarnerMedia content licensing". AT&T received a huge hit in revenue, not licensing its original titles to competitors such as Netflix and Hulu. Why would it? The goal is to bring the top IP beyond the HBO Max as special offers to roll in new subscribers. AT&T is also plotting to invest about $ 4 billion over the next few years in Max to compete with streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + and Apple TV Plus.
HBO Max is different, in that it has special titles that won't appear somewhere else, but Disney +, Netflix and Hulu have that too
This brings us to the other thing missing from the commercial: we don't see the inbound slate of special series and movies made specifically for the HBO Max. WarnerMedia has launched a whole new studio to focus solely on producing mid-budget films for HBO Max, and there are bounty of shows going on. Many of these shows, such as a reboot of Gossip Girl, are currently in manufacture. Others received commands, which means there is nothing yet to show. Guess more downloads from these series and movies closer to the launch date.
The HBO Max is set to release in May for $ 14.99 a month. An publicity background will be released in 2021. HBO's existing subscribers to AT&T (approximately 10 million) and HBO direct debit subscribers will receive HBO Max for free. Customers who subscribe to AT&T's premium video, mobile and broadband post will be existing the HBO Max package at no extra cost.

Updated: February 14, 2020 — 7:59 pm

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