Trump's enforcement is over – but what about podcasts?

President Donald Trump's emergency procedure finished last week, which justified everyone, meaning that podcasts launched to take in the process have come to an end. What is happening now? Some have rotated, others have closed, and others have not yet made up their mind.
As I wrote in November, at least nine podcast recordings started in response to legal proceedings. They take in the media and the drama and drama surrounding the process and, in some cases, are updated daily. Even with the small-term focus, there was an fascinating audience to gain and the ability to turn into long-term viewers. In my previous piece, I wondered how (or if) they would do this as soon as the events had passed.
Other non-ban, limited-time broadcasts have sometimes let their RSS feeds wither or refill to promote new broadcasts. In the case of the indictment, but, the networks appear to be relocating their broadcasts as daily policies to take advantage of people's interest and the already built infrastructure and routine for broadcasting.
Here is the state of blasphemy as far as we can tell:
The WNYC Impeachment: A Daily Podcast Turns into a Broader Daily Politics Podcast called Brian Lehrer: A Daily Politics Podcast

Ted Cruz's show with Ted Cruz kept its name, but now it's an occasional daily political event

The Daily DC: Impeachment Mind by CNN just derives its name from "mind impeachment" and is now a daily political show, as it was before the process started.

War Room: Impeachment, hosted by former White House adviser Steve Bannon, appears to have spun all-purpose news and recently published an episode about the coronation
Disconnecting it

Impeachment: Updates from The Washington Post have not had a new episode since February 7 and it is unclear where the show will go

Article II: Inside Impeachment by NBC News hasn't aired an episode since February 7, and doesn't appear to have immediate plans for streaming

Rubicon: Donald Trump's appearance on Bent Media released its latest episode on February 7, and it's unclear what the show's plot is

Impeachment clarified by Vox Media released its latest episode on February 1 and described it as a "likely closing episode"

Impeachment Today from iHeartMedia and BuzzFeed News says it takes the next "few weeks" to strategize a plot, but for now, the show is over
As the field of podcasting grows, we will probably continue to see journalists turning to audio as a way of covering the news. Although the limited nature of the show may eventually require the team to find a new theme, Squadron shows that there is a way to turn around and keep a dedicated audience around you – a necessity when it feels like a new podcast is starting every day , everyone seeks the attention of viewers.
We don't know how well these podcasts were performing, although a Digiday report from October shows that the CNN & # 39; s show, which already existed before the enforcement process, received 3 million downloads in two weeks. Cruz's broadcast has also been completed on Apple Podcast charts, though that doesn't necessarily mean it has tons of viewers. probably indicates that many people heard or recorded correctly when they came out, placing them on the charts. Even so, because podcasts are relatively inexpensive, especially because they clarify news and processes, the calculation to keep a broadcast alive cannot depend solely on listening.

Updated: February 14, 2020 — 2:30 pm

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